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Company Overview

Quickcom is a Globally Competitive Provider of International Communications Service. With over 10 years of professional
management experience in the industry. In 2018, the voice volume achieved 3.6 billion minutes, the revenue was over 130
million US dollars. Business covered more than 80 destinations all over the world. Quickcom has established direct link
in Asia, Europe, America regions, with more than 700 international Telecom carriers. Quickcom is one of the biggest
voice wholesale carriers in Asia-pacific area.

In 2019, with the existing resource, Quickcom has initiated SMS business to help customers to develop SMS business scale.
By using Quickcom powerful software development and data analysis capabilities. We can help global partners with scalable
and customized solutions to meet their needs for market development.

Quickcom holds the best punctual payment records in the market. And it is trustworthiness telecommunications service
partner. As in Quickcom, business integrity always first!