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How we work together.

Customer mania
We are customer maniacs! Our sale teams and technical support centers listen and respond to the voices of their customers. We
deliver 100champs with a yes!

Belief in people
We believe in people, trust in positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in
style and background.


We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun doing it.

Coaching and support

We coach and support each other, first by focusing on what we appreciate, then how we can be even more effective.


We do what we say, we are accountable; we act like owners.

Executional excellence

We beat year ago results by continuously improving and innovating. We follow through with daily intensity.

Positive energy

We execute with positive energy and intensity. We deplore bureaucracy and the ineffectiveness that comes with it.


Through constructive debate, no matter where we are physically we can always realize virtual teamwork.